History of the Annual Polish Festival

In the year 2003, by decision of the Parish Council and supported by the local parish, it was decided to organize the First Polish Festival. We had no experience, but we had the courage of our parishioners that gave us the strength and faith hat to go on. Our parishioners financially supported the festival, and worked vigorously before, during, and after the festival. The music program was rather poor, but all applauded each person’s performance, bands from Tuscon, as well as a local school team. The first festival was a success in every aspect, including those financial. Therefore, with great optimism, the next festival’s organizations were easier. The pros and cons brought to our attention have allowed for better and more efficient organization in the years to follow. We placed great value on artistic part of the program, which was an important point of the festival. With each year, more performing teams were invited. The first team that visited us was Stella Polonia from Canada. In addition to the children’s team from Tucson, our school’s groups also performed. It was a wonderful presentation of Polish culture and tradition. Polish music reverberated around, and flew along - side lovely Polish regional costumes. The following festivals were organized with greater momentum. The kitchen staff served traditional pierogi, stuffed cabbage, potato pancakes and cider next the delicious cheesecakes and poppy seed pastries. In the buffet, many tasted Polish beer, which gained recognition among American and it’s local ethnic communities. The children’s playground were full of cotton candy, ice cream and face painting. The work was more organized, more and more people believed in the success of the organization. There was also a book issued in which businesses could be advertised, and Polish history was outlined to inform the festivalgoers. Businesses also had the opportunity to display their products in the booths. Moving to a new church opened up more possibilities along with a larger kitchen, larger parking lots. The more room gave the opportunity for new challenges. Exhibits are skillfully done and are constant crowd pleasers. Exhibits are sponsored in part by private collectors. The benefits of these exhibitions are great. You can listen to recordings of interesting information about Poland and take pictures of the collections. Especially important is the older Polish community, which actively participates in festivals. You can also shop for souvenirs, which include t-shirts picturing a Traditional Polish eagle, trinkets, etc.Each festival has its own point and its own message which offers better solutions and new improvements for the coming year. The organizations requires financial investments along with the dedicated enthusiastic individuals & families who volunteer. Parishioners wholly understand this need and willingly participate in meeting the challenges. Volunteers may change, coordinators may step down, but this does not change the goal of the festival, the belief in its success, the determination and the strength of will. Only in such a group may such a level of success be achieved. Each festival celebration our culture and traditions enhance and enrich the American culture more each year, come time for the festival. We are proud of our work.